On Saturday night, WWE had a house show in Rochester, NY. That is the hometown of the late, great Brodie Lee.

After a match with Austin Theory, an emotional Seth Rollins paid tribute to his late friend. “Mr. Brodie Lee, aka Luke Harper, was from here and he passed away a couple years ago, about this time. This is the first time that I’ve been here with a microphone in my hand, in this city to tell him much I miss him and how much I love him.” The crowd began chanting, “Brodie. Brodie. Brodie.”

“The Architect” continued with, “I just wanted to say tonight was for him. Every single time we’re in Rochester, in my heart, that means we’re here for him. It’s Saturday and you know what that means.”

As Rollins mentioned, it’s getting close to the anniversary of Lee’s untimely death. He passed away December 26, 2020. Lee’s wife, Amanda, detailed his health issues that started in October 2020. His health declined rapidly and he was not approved for lung transplants. On Christmas Eve, they began preparing him for end of life care.

A funeral was not held due to COVID-19. AEW‘s “Celebration of Life” episode was his funeral, according to Amanda.

Amanda now works for AEW in their Community Outreach department. Negative 1 still appears on AEW programming, including the Black Friday edition of Rampage where his mentor, Preston “10” Vance, turned on Dark Order and threw the mask his father gave him down at his feet.