Saraya has relished in her recent return to professional wrestling, but she’s eager to do more outside of it as well.

The former WWE Divas Champion announced her clearance to re-enter in-ring competition last month. Then, she went on to wrestle Britt Baker at AEW Full Gear in her first match in nearly five years. With Saraya’s comeback in professional wrestling now officially underway, she’s ready to further explore professional opportunities with her newfound “freedom” in All Elite Wrestling.

Prior to signing with AEW, Saraya felt she “shackled” by the restrictions put on by WWE during her nine-year tenure there. Outside projects often remained limited for WWE Superstars, which prevented “The Glampire” from pursuing certain opportunities or aspirations. However, Saraya did find some leeway to start up her own Twitch channel under her real name, and aid in the production of her biopic, “Fighting With My Family.” Despite dipping her toes into some exciting ventures, Saraya craved more.

Now signed with AEW, Saraya developed more creative and professional freedom, with some future projects already lined up. In an interview with TMZ Sports’ Dean Muhtadi (Mojo Rawley), Saraya hinted at what fans can expect from her in the new year.
Plans For 2023

“I can’t really give away too much. But now I have 100% freedom to do whatever I want. I did all that stuff [before] being shackled,” she explained. “I kind of had to go do that stuff [with approval]. As you know, Mojo, as much as it’s incredible being in WWE, you’re kind of limited to what you can and can’t do outside the company. So you have to like get permission to do things. It was during a pandemic too. Since I was sitting at home and not being used on TV, I was like, ‘I need to try and do something with my life and try and continue to do stuff.'”

“Even though it was limited, I still got things done, which is great. But now that I have no shackles, no nothing, and I have so much freedom, it feels really good to have people approach me — so many production companies approach me. So many book editors [and] production come up to me. There’s just so many different people that [come up to me]”

“Then obviously I work with UTA (United Talent Agency) and stuff like that. They were just like, ‘I can’t believe all these people [approach you]. We don’t even have to ask them to do it. They’re coming to us to work with you’. And I was just like, ‘That feels incredible’ because I got really scared that I was kind of like — I felt like a bum after a while because I was sitting around so much and I hate not working. So, now I’m working constantly.”

“I have like 25 friggin calls today, but I’m just very excited about the future. There’s so much more to come. 2023 is going to be a huge year for sure for Saraya,”
she declared.

Saraya previously discussed her ongoing process of writing a book, presumably an autobiography, during a recent appearance at Starrcast V in Nashville, Tennessee. SEScoops was on-site to capture the star’s media scrum, prior to her signing with All Elite Wrestling.