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    Angry Ric Flair Wants Another Shot at Final Ever Match

    Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair is desperate to have his Ďfinalí match again, believing it would go better the second time.

    Flair teamed with his son-in-law Andrade El Idolo last July to defeat Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal in what was billed as Ricís final match.

    Prior to that match, Flair had competed on the September 12, 2011, edition of TNA Impact!, where he lost to Sting.

    After over ten years away from the ring (and decades after his heyday) Flairís final match was far from a five-star technical classic.

    Aged 73, Flair had to be carried throughout much of the match, and at one point, faked a heart attack, a spot Flair has since said was in poor taste.

    Speaking on his To Be the Man podcast, Ric expressed his desire to have one more shot at his final farewell.

    ďIím begging to do it again. Iím begging because Iíve told 100 people, ĎHow do I forget to drink water all day long?í Thatís all that happened to me. You saw me. I drank five beers right after.Ē

    Flair added that he canít understand how he forgot to stay hydrated given all the training he did with Jay Lethal.

    ďI can think of a lot of things Iíve screwed up and matches and, you know, things you would change. I just know that couldíve been golden. You know, I just happened to be dehydrated.

    I donít know how I couldíve made that mistake because you know how much work I put in with Lethal. We had everything figured out, I mean, and we had so much more to do. God, it would have been great.Ē

    There is currently no talk from any promotion that another final match for the Nature Boy is in the works.

    This isnít the first time Flair has spoken about wrestling after the show billed as ĎRic Flairís Last Match.

    After the announcement that Ricky Steamboat would be wrestling again, Flair said he felt inspired to have another final match.

    Flair later stated he would never truly retire, while Steamboat would go on team with FTR and win a six-man tag for Big Time Wrestling last November.


    ***GAME OVER!***

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    I'd be scared to be in a match with Flair .. not only his age but his health issues. Silly idea.

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