WWE attempted to present a feel-good show for Monday’s Raw 30th anniversary special. Despite the company’s best efforts, but many fans were left disgruntled and dejected over the way women were booked on the show.

Raw 30 saw some memorable moments, including The Undertaker‘s interaction with Bray Wyatt, Ric Flair proudly introducing his daughter Charlotte, DX interacting with Imperium and Brock Lesnar‘s show-closing return.

Despite these high points, there’s been a lot of negative feedback over the lack of emphasis on female Superstars. The top women’s match advertised for the show, a steel cage match between Becky Lynch and Bayley, never took place.

Due to earlier segments in the show running long, the decision was made to cut the women’s cage match and simply run a quick ‘attack’ angle instead. We did get Bianca Belair vs. Sonya Deville, as well as a backstage promo from Alexa Bliss and a special appearance by Charlotte Flair. Rhea Ripley even got involved during the Usos vs. Judgment Day tag title match. However, there was enough backlash to get #WWEWomenDeserveBetter trending on Twitter.

WWE advertised the Bella Twins for RAW 30, but they were nowhere to be found. They posted a video on social media venting about WWE’s poor treatment its female talent. Nikki mocked WWE for getting upset that Sasha Banks was “too over” and Brie added, “there’s a bunch of us they don’t want to show.”

It’s not a great look for WWE. They’re quick to pat themselves on the back for empowering women, but they’re falling short in the eyes of fans and even their female talent. Women have been part of some of the biggest moments in Raw history. Some of those moments were featured during the ‘flashback’ segments that aired throughout the broadcast.

At the end of the day, feedback from fans (and talent) matters. Even if you think you’re doing a great job, substantial backlash like this needs to be considered.