The Young Bucks and The Briscoes have had a long history and spent many years together. After Jay Briscoe’s sudden passing last week, they weren’t even sure that they could wrestle the following night.

The latest episode of Being the Elite was a tribute to their longtime friend and dancing partner. In the opening segment, the brothers talked about how they didn’t know how they could wrestle and that their hearts were broken and they were in shock. According to Nick, “today is completely voluntary for the wrestlers to come to the show.”

Nick said he told Matt that Jay’s death hurts more than his only own family members dying and he’s lost quite a few relatives over the last couple of years. Matt pointed out that “you go through this bond where you wrestle someone, it’s such an intimate experience. You go through war and there’s just so much pressure and you’re holding their life in your hand. When you get through that, it’s something nobody else understands unless you are a wrestler. And he was one of the good ones.”

Matt went on to say, “I remember when we first started AEW, we told them we started the tag division, we need the Lucha Brothers and we need the Briscoe brothers. We need those sets of brothers; the three best brother tag teams in the world. They were one of the first teams we tried to hire. We couldn’t get it done. But, I’m so glad they got to have their final little run in ROH. They got, as far as wrestling goes, go out in style.”

The Young Bucks did end up wrestling Top Flight that night where they paid tribute to Jay with black armbands and by doing a Doomsday Device in the match. After the match, they said they were so distracted that they forgot to bring out their Trios titles. Neither one remembered until they heard it mentioned on commentary that they won them the week prior. They also said that Mark texted them after their match because he watched their tribute.

After Dynamite, a tribute show was filmed for Jay. The show will air on Honor Club and on the ROH YouTube. The air date has not been announced.