Could WWE and All Elite Wrestling one day put their differences aside and work together for a crossover supershow? Tony Khan hopes so.

WWE’s mantra has infamously been to not play with others, and has for decades refused to work with other promotions.

That attitude has softened somewhat over the last year, with Impact’s Mickie James competing in the 2022 Women’s Royal Rumble.

Last month also saw WWE’s Karl Anderson be allowed to compete at NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 17.

In the four years since being founded, fans have speculated on what a dream card between AEW and WWE talent would look like.

Tony Khan was a recent guest of the WTF with Marc Maron podcast and when asked, expressed his interest in a crossover show between the two sides.

“It’s something I would certainly be open to, and I think it’s an interesting thing for the future. It’s not something that’s ever really been done. They’ve kind of existed in their own space. We are working with a lot of wrestling promotions.”

Khan compared the situation to Marvel and DC Comics, saying it’d be a crossover that fans would have not seen before.

The AEW President did admit that things “would get very political” with talent from both sides wanting to come out on top.

While WWE and AEW haven’t held a show (yet) the relationship between the two sides isn’t as frosty as one may expect.

In 2019, Billy Gunn, who had signed with AEW, was allowed to attend the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony for DX’s induction, joking on-camera that Vince McMahon couldn’t fire him.

For last year’s celebration of 20 years of John Cena, multiple AEW stars including Bryan Danielson and Chris Jericho praised Cena in videos aired on Raw.

AEW and WWE talent being backstage at each other’s companies is not uncommon either, with Ricky Starks being backstage to support his mentor Cody Rhodes at last weekend’s Royal Rumble.