Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood wasted no time in seeking employment with AEW from the moment their time with WWE came to an end.

FTR, known as The Revival in WWE, was the first triple-crown tag champions, holding the Raw, SmackDown, and NXT Tag Team gold.

After a series of embarrassing segments, and an even worse plan for the two to receive Flava-Flav style gimmicks, the pair were granted requested releases on April 10, 2020.

After their WWE exits, which saw the pair sign over downside guarentees to WWE in exchange for no non-compete clause, the pair debuted for AEW in May 2020.

During Dax Harwood’s FTR Podcast, he revealed that the duo wasted no time after receiving the call from the WWE Talent Relations head at the time Mark Carrano.

“The day that Mark Carrano called us, so two days before the announcement [of the Revival’s release from WWE] was made online, he called us and said ‘you don’t have to give us an answer right now, talk about it, give me a call back.’ I called Cash. We said, should we talk to Cody, or the Bucks, or Tony? He said yeah, let’s do that."

Harwood added that a text message sent to the Bucks confirmed AEW’s interest in them, and it wasn’t long before they were speaking to Khan.

“We called Mark Carrano, yes, we agree to your terms. Please give us our release, and thank you.” So he gave us our release. The following day, whenever the contracts were cut and we got the paperwork from Mark Carrano that said we were officially released, is when we started talking contracts with Tony Khan.”

FTR would go on to become AEW World Tag Team Champions, and have also held the ROH World Tag Team Champion after Khan bought the company last March.

FTR has been a highlight of AEW’s Tag division for close to three years, but their time with the promotion may be coming to an end.

The duo is currently on a hiatus from AEW, and their contracts are set to expire in April of this year.

In a previous edition of his podcast, Harwood stressed that whatever FTR does next will likely be the final chapter of the careers of both men.