AEW wrestlers who part ways with the promotion will not have to wait around for a non-compete clause to expire, with perhaps one exception to the rule.

Since launching in 2019, Tony Khan's promotion has attempted to be an alternative to WWE, both in terms of on-screen product and how AEW does business.

A standard WWE contract will include a 90-day non-compete clause for main roster talent and a 30-day clause for talent from WWE NXT.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is pushing for a ban on non-compete clauses, but this may not affect AEW.

Sources who spoke to Fightful Select noted that while these clauses are standard in WWE, AEW doesn't seem to have any.

It was explained that AEW typically does not release talent and will instead wait for a wrestler's contract to expire if they are no longer wanted.

There are some special cases, such as William Regal's departure from AEW last December, mere weeks after aligning with MJF.

Regal asked for his departure from AEW in order to return to WWE and be closer to his son and NXT Superstar Bailey Matthews.

AEW prides itself on having a much better relationship with the talent compared to WWE, but one ex-Superstar is proving to be troublesome.

Since September, CM Punk has been out of action with both an injury and a suspension, and his future with the company remains uncertain.

Everyone who spoke to Fightful said that Punk would likely be the exception to the lack of non-compete clauses if he does leave AEW.

The belief is that if Punk was let out of his AEW deal early, it would be on the condition he not compete in WWE for a period of time.