WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus is gearing up for a return to the ring. The 7-time Women's champion will lace up her boots once again at WrestleMania, when she teams with Becky Lynch and Lita against Bayley, Iyo Sky and Dakota Kai.

Less than three weeks out from WrestleMania, Stratus spoke with Alfred Konuwa for Forbes about a wide variety of topics. She thinks WWE is doing a great job featuring female talent and might have extended her in-ring career if the environment was as inclusive as it is today.

When she and Lita wrestled in the main event of WWE Raw back in December 2004, it was groundbreaking. A women's match had never closed the show. They delivered a match that fans are still talking about today. Since then, we've seen an all-women's pay-per-view, as well as women main-eventing pay-per-views including WrestleMania. So much has changed over the past 20 years and Trish can look back with pride that she was a big part of it.

"The things theyíre doing right now, theyíre taking the right strides to become better represented and not make it such a male-dominated world," she said. "Coming back 20 years later, Iím seeing the difference. Iím seeing the opportunity. Iím seeing the same attention is given to us as the males, whereas back in the day, it wasnít quite like that. It was definitely an uphill battle back in the day, and itís a nice environment right now. Itís a really good time for women that we finally had a voice and Iím proud to know that Lita and I had a hand in it.Ē

WrestleMania is going to be an especially rewarding match for her. She sees the 6-woman tag match as past-meets-present-meets-future.

ďThink about our match: you have the past with me and Lita, you have the present with Becky and Bayley and you have the future in Iyo and Dakota. Iím inspired by Becky and Bayleyís current work. They were inspired from the very beginning by our work, so to see that all come together, it would be so interesting to see how it plays out."

Trish, Lita, Mickie James, Molly Holly, Victoria and Jazz were part of a generation of who made huge strides for women's wrestling. Today, WWE has dozens of women under contract and women have never been featured more prominently.

"The world is your oyster if youíre a woman in wrestling today."