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    GOD OF THUNDER Kemo's Avatar
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    Angry Mick Foley's Hell in a Cell Advice for Finn Balor

    Mick Foley advised Finn Balor as he prepares to step inside Hell in a Cell with Edge at WWE WrestleMania 39.

    Foley has worked four total Hell in a Cell matches in his legendary career, although he has never won one. Most notably, he had a memorable 1998 HIAC bout against The Undertaker at the King of the Ring and Triple H at No Way Out in 2000. Both matches saw him take some major bumps.

    He was thrown off the top of the cell for the Taker bout, crashing through an announce table. He was also chokeslammed through the top of the cell onto the mat, forcing a tooth through his nose. The Triple H match saw him take a backdrop through the top of the cell onto the mat.

    During Monday Night Raw this week, WWE confirmed the match stipulation for Edge and Balor in the opening segment. Balor took to Twitter to ask Foley for any advice as he prepares for the match:

    Foley wrote, “Hello Finn, This is Mick! Remember, you are asking a guy who has never actually won one of these. Probably best to study every single thing I did in my #HIAC matches…and then do the exact opposite. When in doubt, use the abs.”

    WWE has yet to confirm which night - April 1 or April 2 - the match will take place at WrestleMania 39.


    ***GAME OVER!***

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    What that match needs is a " moment " just like Foley and Taker created in their match. The problem with the Hell in a Cell Match now a days is that it doesn't really mean anything anymore, sadly. Those HIAC matches that are remembered are those who had a crazy spot in them, because sadly the cage itself is not used properly in half of the HIAC matches that ever was. Hopefully Edge and Balor can create a memorable HIAC match for the history books.

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