Wrestling fans are still stunned that The Garcia's Twins(FKA The Bella Twins) left the WWE on March 14. They announced their departure on Twitter and are going forward by their real last name. By leaving WWE, The Garcia Twins are looking to explore business ventures and further their successful career.

After the announcement of their departure, wrestling fans and wrestlers spoke out about them leaving on social media. All Elite Wrestling stars Britt Baker, and Saraya supported The Garcia twins leaving WWE and wished them success. However, fans have taken the support and the fact that they were at AEW Revolution on March 5 to speculate that they will be joining AEW.

Nikki has reacted to fan speculation about joining AEW and debunked the rumor on Instagram.

"...We are not going to AEW. I know, I've seen a lot of that because, I think, we were just there visiting Renee and Paige, said Nikki.”

She also explained why she and her sister were at the AEW event.

"...I was like, I haven’t had the opportunity to take Matteo backstage to a wrestling event, and when he knew uncle Bryan was going to be there, Matteo loves his uncle Bryan, Brie, and I was like, we have to go see Bryan. The kids had so much fun.”

In the post, she also shared there wasn't any hard feeling towards WWE.

While Baker and Saraya supported The Garcia Twins, some fans weren't too happy. Both AEW stars had to respond to negative posts about how they reacted to the news. One fan accused Saraya of being ungrateful for her time with WWE, and that showing support was an attack on WWE.

Saraya responded to the fan directly on Twitter. "You need to chill. You guys find anything I say and pick it apart. Not being locked in a tight contract can feel great when you’re not. That doesn’t mean they treated us bad. Chill tf out.. You guys need to get a hobby," wrote Saraya.

Another fan accused Baker of taking a dig at WWE, which she also responded to on Twitter. "What a horribly toxic take. You do realize I was a fan (just like you) first and foremost? Twitter is becoming unbearable. This is nothing about WWE vs. AEW- it’s simply a post to honor two literal legends who inspired me and many others to be a wrestler," wrote Baker.

While it may be unlikely, hopefully, fans will leave Baker and Saraya alone and support The Garcia Twins in their new future.