The popular Dark Side of the Ring TV series won't be affected by Vice Media's bankruptcy, according to show co-creator Evan Husney.

For three seasons, DSOTR has covered some of wrestling's many controversies, including the death of Owen Hart, the Montreal Screwjob, and the Chris Benoit murder-suicide. The show will be returning for its fourth season later this year with a full list of topics being released last month.
Vice and DSOTR's Future

Earlier this month, Vice Media, the company that distributes Dark Side of the Ring filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. The filing postpones Vice, valued at $5.7bn in 2017, from fulfilling obligations to its creditors, giving the company time to organize debts or sell parts of the business.

Unsurprisingly, this has raised questions over the future of Dark Side of the Ring. Speaking to The Knockturnal, Husney said he does not expect Vice's issues to become problems for Dark Side of the Ring.

"All indications that I have been briefed and told that this basically changes nothing for Dark Side of the Ring and for the health of the show. And for the show airing and all that stuff, everything’s on track and everything is just like it would have been in any other circumstance. So everything is business as usual."

Dark Side of the Future has had its own share of problems over the years. The show's third season saw a dramatic drop in viewership, with an overall low of 109,000 for the episode Extreme & Obscene: Rob Black's XPW. The show has also faced criticism from some in the wrestling industry over its editing. In April 2022, Jim Ross said he would no longer appear in future episodes of the show saying he has been misrepresented multiple times.