Mercedes Moné's injury may not be a broken ankle as first feared according to a recent update from Fightful Select.

Moné hasn't wrestled since competing in the four-woman tournament for the NJPW Strong Women's Champion at NJPW Resurgence last week. After defeating Stephanie Vaquer in the first round, Moné lost to AEW's Willow Nightingale in the finals of the tournament. During the match, Moné suffered an injury which forced both wrestlers to rush to the finish.

Fightful has confirmed reports that prior to her injury, Moné was scheduled to win the match and become the first NJPW Strong Women's Champion. The title was in fact created with Moné in mind. The report also notes that Moné herself called for the end of the match, and called an audible after realizing that something was wrong physically.

Not long after the injury, it was reported that Moné is believed to have suffered a broken ankle. In Fightful's update, it is noted that New Japan Pro Wrestling is under the impression that the injury to Mone was a severe sprain without a break. While neither injury is pleasant, a sprain would allow Moné to recover faster than if there had been a breakage.

However, those close to Moné said that there is definitely a sprain and the fear of a break. It is reported that there was too much swelling at the time of the injury to know for sure, and they are hoping to have a clearer picture of what the injury is when the swelling goes down.