Is anybody better than Will Ospreay? Not according to the New Japan Pro Wrestling star.

The 30-year-old from Essex, England already has plenty of accolades to his name, including his current reign with the rechristened IWGP United Kingdom Heavyweight Championship. Ospreay is also a former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion, a former Progress Wrestling Champion and reigning 1PW World Heavyweight Champion.

Ospreay has often called himself the greatest wrestler in the world, and this confidence isn't just for show. Speaking to New Japan, Ospreay commented on his place in the world of professional wrestling.

"ĎMy nameís Will Ospreay and I am on another levelí. I say it as a catchphrase, but I genuinely do mean it. I genuinely believe Iím on a level above any other professional wrestler. I donít do anything gimmicky in my matches.

"I donít dance, I donít have my hands in my pockets, donít try to make people laugh. I get in the ring, the bell rings and Iím better than anyone else. So for me, whatever I choose to do, wherever I go, the wrestling world revolves around me."

While Ospreay may be the best wrestler today, according to himself, his tattoo-related decision-making could do with some work. After getting a tattoo celebrating the alleged 81,035 fans who attended All In, Ospreay had quite the reaction when it was revealed the figure had been inflated.

While Ospreay competes for NJPW and recently appeared in AEW, the British star's immediate future will be with IMPACT Wrestling. Ospreay will compete at the upcoming IMPACT Bound for Glory event, as well as the IMPACT Wrestling: Turning Point show in his native England.