Dana Warrior's time with WWE has come to an end, as has the careers of over 100 employees who until now worked with the promotion.

This week, WWE finalized its merger with UFC, with a ceremony taking place at the New York Stock Exchange confirming the launch of TKO Group Holdings. The ceremony included notable names from WWE, UFC and TKO's parent company Endeavor.

Following the merger of WWE & UFC, WWE employees were advised by Nick Khan to work from home as the company prepared to make mass layoffs.

PW Insider was able to confirm that Dana Warrior has been laid off by WWE. The wife of The Ultimate Warrior, Dana worked closely with the promotion following the Hall of Famer's passing in 2014. She would often appear for the 'Warrior Award' induction as part of the WWE Hall of Fame and signed as a 'Brand Ambassador' in 2017.

In 2019, Warrior began working with WWE's creative team and would remain in the role until last year. After leaving the creative team, she would work with WWE's community outreach department until her departure this week.

In an update, PW Insider added that over 100 employees were laid off from WWE yesterday, though no talent-related releases have happened, nor were they scheduled to happen. WWE's Insights & Analytics team was cut from at least 20 employees down to three, and the Marketing, Graphic Design, and Live Events departments were also impacted.

WWE CEO Nick Khan has informed employees based out of Stamford that there will be a staff meeting at WWE's new HQ this coming Tuesday and that the layoffs have finished.

While no WWE Superstars are believed to have lost their jobs as part of these cuts, releases are expected to both the main roster and WWE NXT. It is believed that WWE will hold off releasing talent at this time to avoid bad PR by having too many releases at once.

WWE's Chief Financial Officer & Board of Directors member Frank Riddick will soon leave the promotion.