Baron Corbin has done everything WWE has ever asked of him, but his one request regarding the 'End of Days' fell on deaf ears.

Corbin made his in-ring debut for WWE in 2015 as part of the NXT brand. The following year, he was called up to WWE's main roster by winning the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32. Corbin is a former U.S. Champion, Mr. Money in the Bank (though was unsuccessful upon cashing in), and 2019 King of the Ring.

For years, Corbin has put opponents away with his devastating 'End of Days' finisher, which has been arguably WWE's most 'protected' move in years. It wouldn't be until WrestleMania 38 last year that Drew McIntyre would kick out of a pinfall attempt following the End of Days, becoming the first Superstar to do so.

Speaking with Fightful, Corbin said he had zero input about the decision and that he had fought against the move being kicked out of for a long time. Corbin pointed out that he has done everything the company has asked of him, including characters that others would have struggled with.

Corbin has toed the line for WWE, and while he's never become World Champion, has been part of high-profile feuds with Roman Reigns & Seth Rollins. Corbin said that the End of Days was the "one thing" he had, and pointed out that neither Rollins, Reigns, John Cena, nor Kurt Angle had kicked out of the move.

When Corbin learned that McIntyre would be kicking out of the move at WrestleMania, he voiced his displeasure with the decision. Corbin reiterated that he was not thrilled with it, but it happened and it's over.

Baron Corbin is open to a return to WWE's main roster.