WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER feels no remorse for the family of Chad Gable after retaining his championship against the Alpha Academy member.

During the September 4, 2023, episode of Raw, GUNTHER retained his championship against Gable in the show's main event. The highly-acclaimed match was the final obstacle before GUNTHER broke the record for the longest reign as Intercontinental Champion.

As GUNTHER stood tall to close out Raw, WWE's production team cut to Gable's family who were at ringside. Footage of Gable's daughter, who was in floods of tears, went viral on social media. Speaking to Wrestle Binge, GUNTHER had no pity for Gable's daughter as upset despite how upset she was during Monday Night Raw.

"I felt great. I won, right? So, I'm good. I enjoy a little bit of a heartbreak at the end. I was happy to see that."

Ludwig Kaiser, who was also present for the interview added that Gable's daughter learned a "valuable lesson," that things don't always go as you hope. While Gable was unable to defeat GUNTHER on Raw, the former Olympian has vowed that he will be the one to take the Intercontinental Championship from the Austrian.

With GUNTHER's dominance well established, many are optimistic about the Imperium leader's future prospects. Some are considering GUNTHER a favorite in the Men's 2024 Royal Rumble match, especially given his allies and his record-breaking performance during this year's match. While GUNTHER believes now is not the right time to move into the World Championship picture, the Austrian is convinced that he will headline next year's Showcase of the Immortals.