Two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has once again proven his pop-culture credentials, appearing in the latest track by Doja Cat.

In the latest track from the Graamy Award-winning artist 'Balut,' Flair can be heard at the very start, telling female fans "Remember this, girls, none of you can be first. But all of you can be next. Woo!"

Flair is regarded as one of the greatest professional wrestlers on the planet, but his influence far extends the squared circle. Flair has made appearances in several other forms of media, both as himself and as his 'Nature Boy' character.

In 1996, Flair, alongside other WCW wrestlers would appear on Baywatch's 'Bash at the Beach,' which despite being in 1996, was aired to promote Bash at the Beach 1995 the previous August. Flair has also voiced himself in several animated shows including Family Guy spin-off 'The Cleveland Show.'

In 2015, Flair made his feature film debut, appearing in 'Magic Mike XXL', a sequel to the 2012 'Magic Mike' film.

In October 2017, trap artists Offset and Metro Boomin released a single titled 'Ric Flair Drip' from their collaborative album with 21 Savage, Without Warning, in which Flair made an appearance in the music video. That same year, Bad Bunny released a music video for 'Chambea' in which Flair also appeared.

Flair has also appeared on commercials, including for CarShield in 2021, where he would dispatch of 'The Overcharger' (played by current WWE megastar LA Knight.)