The media rights of WWE & UFC could come together on a 'short-term deal' according to TKO Group Holdings President Mark Shapiro.

It's been less than a week since the merger of WWE & UFC under Endeavor was finalized with the launch of TKO Group Holdings. TKO's launch was celebrated with a ceremony on the New York Stock Exchange that included notable figures from WWE, UFC, and Endeavor.

With WWE's current broadcast deals set to expire in the next year or so, there have been a lot of questions as to what WWE's production will look like, especially in this new era for the promotion. Speaking to The Town with Matthew Belloni, Endeavor and TKO Group President Mark Shapiro spoke about possibly tying WWE's broadcast rights to UFC.

"There could be a short-term deal we do just to align the two. It all depends on market dynamics and right now, time is on our side. We're not rushing to do a deal."

Later in the show, Shapiro added that both WWE & UFC would likely keep distinctly separate media rights contracts, though added that "one never knows."

In the interview, Shapiro revealed that he has already begun talking to "multiple platforms," that he described as "both linear and digital" regarding WWE's media rights contracts. WWE's current media rights with NBCUniversal and Fox expire in October of next year. Speaking recently with The Bill Simmons Podcast, WWE CEO Nick Khan said that he and WWE are thrilled with their current NBCUniversal deal, but it could "always get better."