Morale within WWE's offices has reportedly sunk following a day of mass layoffs that saw over 100 people lose their jobs.

These layoffs occurred last week, with WWE staff encouraged to work from home on the day, so that the terminations could be handled discreetly and with respect. EVPs and other notable names would be cut from the promotion, including Dana Warrior, who had previously worked on WWE's creative team and until her termination, as part of WWE's outreach program.

PW Insider reports that staff morale has been severely impacted by the layoffs and that an "all hands on deck" meeting is scheduled for tomorrow in Stamford. This meeting was announced to staff in an e-mail from WWE CEO Nick Khan. In that same e-mail, Khan confirmed that the layoffs had concluded.

Today was said to be a very difficult one for WWE staff returning from working remotely as they came to terms with a significantly reduced workforce. The atmosphere was described as one of intense adjustment, particularly as the remaining staff prepare for increased workloads due to the now-smaller departments.

No layoffs have been reported on the UFC side of the merger, despite UFC holding the majority stake in TKO Group Holdings.

While no WWE Superstars are believed to have lost their jobs as part of these cuts, releases are expected to both the main roster and WWE NXT. It is believed that WWE will hold off releasing talent at this time to avoid bad PR by having too many releases at once.