Kazuchika Okada, considered one of the best New Japan Pro-Wrestling wrestlers, recently talked about a chapter from the past in his wrestling journey – his brief stint with TNA Wrestling, now known as IMPACT Wrestling. During a backstage interview with NJPW, Okada didn't mince words when discussing his time with the American promotion in 2010 and 2011.

"IMPACT Wrestling? Give me a break... There’s not a promotion I hate more in this world! But I was a pretty big Motor City fan back in the day... A little while back, we faced them in a tag 3-way. I know exactly how good they are. But this is a three-on-three NEVER six-man match. And we’re walking in champions," he said.

However, humorously enough, Okada made sure to point that it was Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, or TNA, that he hated. When it comes to IMPACT, he simply does not care:

"Being the face of NJPW, I can say that I hate… Actually, I don’t give a damn about IMPACT. Who I really hated was TNA," Okada expressed.

Okada's strong words show the disconnect he may have felt during his time in the American wrestling scene. Despite his limited success in TNA, including a single televised victory as "Okato" over D'Angelo Dinero, Okada's heart clearly remains with NJPW.

Currently holding the NJPW NEVER Six Man Tag Team Titles, Okada is gearing up for a defense against the Motor City Machine Guns and Josh Alexander at NJPW Destruction In Ryogoku.

Okada has not appeared at the collaborative efforts between NJPW and IMPACT Wrestling in recent years, as seen in the Multiverse United shows. Instead, he has made appearances in All Elite Wrestling, participating in the Forbidden Door shows in both 2022 and 2023.