The Great Muta may be retired, but the legacy of the Japanese wrestling legend will continue thanks to the Great Sakuya.

Muta, real name Keiji Muto, retired from professional wrestling earlier this year. As a sign of how significant Muto is to wrestling, WWE allowed for Shinsuke Nakamura to compete at a Pro Wrestling NOAH show in January of this year. At a different event that same month, AEW's Sting and Darby Allin teamed with Muta to win a six-man tag-team match. In March, Muta took his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Earlier this month, the Great Muta re-emerged in NOAH with a baby that he had found on a mountainside. As the innovator of the poison mist, it's fitting that Muta misted the child before feeding the infant mist from a bottle.

In the next video highlighting the Japanese wrestling legend/WWE Hall of Famer, Muta is seen with a young woman, who was given something to drink. This drink caused the woman pain before Muta gave her one of his masks. Muta then recognized her as Sakuya.

On the most recent edition of NOAH Monday Magic, the Great Sakuya appeared after a match between Nagisa Nozaki and Miyuki Takase. After a brief interaction and the arrival of Haruka Umesaki to the ringside area, Sakuya shook hands with Nozaki.

NOAH then announced that Great Sayuka and Nagisa Nozaki will face Miyuki Takase and Haruka Umesaki at NOAH The New Year 2024 on January 2.