It seems Being The Elite is being revamped with a new show.

The popular YouTube series featuring The Elite (Kenny Omega, Matt & Nick Jackson) and various other wrestlers has been around for over seven years. While the show has gone through changes in the past and featured different talents, the core group has remained a part of it. However, it seems that it has come to an end.

On November 20, All Elite Wrestling talent Brandon Cutler shared on Twitter that The Young Bucks have finished up with Being The Elite. This came after Cutler announced that the former AEW Tag Team Champions would take a break from wrestling. While fans have thought this could be part of a storyline for The Young Bucks, their popular YouTube show seems over.

The recent upload from Being The Elite YouTube Channel has a new show called Being The Dark Order. It follows the similar concept of Being The Elite with The Dark Order(Evil Uno, John Silver & Alex Reynolds), vlogging backstage at an AEW event and featuring other wrestlers. During the episode, Uno, in character, shared that he bought the show with "Chili money." Longtime fans know the running Being The Elite story of The Dark Order having a deal with popular restaurant Chili's.

Throughout the debut episode, The Dark Order is trying to adjust to having a new show centered around them. It also featured several AEW and Ring Of Honor talents like Daniel Garcia and Dalton Castle. By the end of the episode, The Dark Order is having second thoughts about the show and trying to figure out how to do better.

Before it ends, Matt sends a text to Uno that says "...I can't believe you spent all your chili's money on a sinking ship like BTE. You are gonna F this up like you F everything up!"

Uno ends the episode by assuring himself that everything will be okay, as it seems they will continue with the new show. Although it can change, The Dark Order seems to be looking to continue the Being The Elite legacy. The first episode gave fans a little tease of the kind of comedy and entertainment they can look forward to next week.