WWE's newest signing CM Punk had plenty to say during his first promo on WWE Monday Night Raw in close to a decade.

The Best in the World returned in the closing moments of last weekend's Survivor Series Premium Live Event. This was Punk's first appearance at a WWE Premium Live Event since the 2014 Royal Rumble. Punk was fired from AEW in September 2023 following a week-long investigation into his backstage altercation with Jack Perry at AEW All In.

Punk arrived on Monday Night Raw to a raucous ovation from the Nashville crowd. The two-time former AEW World Champion admitted that hell has frozen over and described his return at Survivor Series as a career highlight for him. Punk said that since last Saturday, he's struggled to come up with the words to convey how he's been feeling, but the two words that sum things up best are "I'm home."

"This is where I belong. This is home and I've been gone for ten years and over ten years you people never forgot me even when maybe I wanted to forget me."

Speaking from the heart to the fans, Punk said he loves the WWE Universe and wishes he never had to leave. Addressing his 2014 exit, Punk spoke about a 'Wise Man' who told him that he needed to leave WWE in order to come back as a bigger star. This was of course a nod to Roman Reigns' wise man Paul Heyman, who Punk worked closely with during his WWE career.

Punk went on to say that the backstage response for the most part has been positive, with many Superstars welcoming him back and asking about his wife AJ Lee. Punk said that AJ is "fabulous" and sends her regards.

Punk admitted that there are some in WWE who aren't excited to see him back and claim they are afraid of what's to come. And what is to come? According to CM Punk, it'll be a reminder that he is, and always has been, the best in the world.