If you don't think CM Punk moves the needle, you may want to think again.

The entire pro wrestling world is buzzing with excitement after CM Punk returned to WWE after a near ten-year absence from the company. For the majority of his career. CM Punk been polarizing name in wrestling and him showing up at Survivor Series in his backyard of Chicago caused social media to explode with excitement, and there are numbers to back it up.

The post WWE made about CM Punk returning is now over 230,000 likes and is still continuing to grow, making it the most-liked WWE tweet of all-time. During this week's episode of Monday Night Raw, was the most socially viewed post in the company's history.

During the Survivor Series Press Conference on Saturday Triple H made clear he's perfectly aware of the polarization and popularity of CM Punk. The Chief Content Officer added that adding Punk to the roster was something he knew the fans would like so why wouldn't he make the move.

"Love him, hate him, positive, negative. Whatever you want to say. People talk about him. All the time. He is a magnet for that. He is a conversation starter and it's tough to look past that. And for me, if our fans want it, if the WWE Universe are excited to have it, then let's go. And we'll figure out the rest from there."

Triple H and Punk has sure had their share of tension between one another, but Triple H indicated such was all water under the bridge, saying both he and Punk have changed over the course of ten years and that's healthy.