2024 is turning out to be an interesting year in pro wrestling, particularly if you look at who is exiting and arriving at certain promotions.

In 2023, AEW has lost a lot of talent on their roster, some of which who have been there from nearly the beginning and others whose influence could be irreplacable.

Two massive names to make their leave from AEW were Jade Cargill and now most recently, CM Punk, both stars arguably meant a great deal to the identity of AEW. Cody Rhodes perhaps perfectly fit that bill several years ago for All Elite Wrestling, but life changes and so does promotions wrestlers work for. Rhodes is now an established name in WWE, but he's shown that he's not cautious about addressing his past.

Someone who Cody was very close with was QT Marshall, who was greatly known for his ability work with AEW talent at The Nightmare Factory. However, just this week Marshall announced his resignation from AEW, scribing a lengthy post on the X, thanking the company and everyone he's worked with.

Rhodes saw Marshallís message and replied saying heís looking forward to what his longtime friend can bring down the line in pro wrestling.

"Did the work - was essential in making so many memories for fans & has been so instrumental in helping countless wrestlers. A prosí PRO. We almost became friends ha. I canít wait to see what you do next! An OG and outstanding 'num 2' through his tenure. Congratulations QT on the run so far."

While he was known for his training ability, Marshall did have his share of television time, running the heel faction The Factory to counteract the Nightmare Family and was last known for the brief run with QTV. Marshall's resignation comes unexpectedly as he revealed back in September that he actually re-signed with the company.