Kazuchika Okada is wrapping up his career in Japan, and it appears that he is about to be All Elite. All signs point to him picking AEW's deal over WWE's offer, and now it appears fans won't have to wait long.

Okada is one of the best pro wrestlers on the planet, and he has been for a number of years. Pending any unforeseen setbacks, it appears he is going to land in AEW soon.

According to Sean Ross Sapp on Fightful Select, Kazuchika Okada is set to join All Elite Wrestling following his departure from NJPW. Although the deal has been effectively agreed upon in recent weeks, the finalization is yet to be confirmed. AEW has expressed confidence in securing his services for several weeks, extending back to mid-January.

Specific plans regarding Kazuchika Okada's AEW debut remain unconfirmed. However, it is anticipated to occur after he fulfills his obligations with New Japan Pro Wrestling. Creative concepts for Okada were already being discussed as of January, with discussions in Las Vegas suggesting significant developments for the company in the first half of March.

WWE was in the game for Okada as well. It was further noted that WWE sources confirmed that there was a discussion between Okada and WWE. However, AEW is getting the former IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.

"WWE sources that we spoke to in Las Vegas did confirm that there were talks between Okada and WWE. We’ve heard from WWE talent who noted Okada was weighing the pros and cons of heading to WWE compared to AEW. In the end, we’re told that AEW was very confident in their offer to Okada."

For what it's worth, I asked around about Okada's situation with WWE and was told that discussions were taking place. That being said, nothing was far along enough for creative to even be involved.

The general thinking was that AEW offered Okada more money than WWE did. At this point, WWE isn't hard-up for talent, and it appears that the Rainmaker signed with Tony Khan.

We will have to see how Tony Khan books this situation. He has two big incoming talent acquisitions, with Mercedes Mone expected to debut during the March 13th Big Business episode of AEW Dynamite. Now with Okada coming in, he could generate a ton of momentum for his company.

Kazuchika Okada could have a ton of great matches in AEW, but it's all a matter of how he is used. Hopefully, Tony Khan will strive to give him better treatment than he received during his TNA Wrestling days, which was his last notable tenure in the United States.