WWE has a few people on the NXT brand who are out of action for one reason or another. This week, at a house show in Florida, the brand welcomed back one star who hasn't been able to wrestle since mid-2023.

In May 2023, Sol Ruca suffered an ACL injury, prompting her absence from action. She was incorporated into the storyline leading up to Blair Davenport’s NXT debut as the masked attacker who targeted Ruca.

Following the injury, Sol Ruca underwent surgery to address the ACL issue. While she aims to return to the ring soon, the path to recovery is expected to be challenging.

Sol Ruca made her long-awaited return to the ring this week during a live event at Crystal River Armory in Crystal River, Florida on February 9th. This was a big surprise to see her, and she walked out of that return match with a feather in her cap, because she made a return from injury.

In the match, Chase U, comprising Jacy Jayne and Thea Hail, emerged victorious over the duo of Brinley Reece and Sol Ruca.

The storyline behind Sol Ruca's injury was that Blair Davenport took her out, along with many more women in the NXT locker room. A string of injuries to the roster were blamed on Davenport, as they carried on as a hooded figure for a while.

We will have to see if Sol Ruca seeks out revenge against Blair Davenport. Odds are, NXT won't want to wait long before making the most of Ruca's in-ring clearance.