LA Knight's Pitch Black match with Bray Wyatt was the Megastar's biggest match in WWE at the time, but he wishes it wasn't Wyatt's final match on TV.

At the 2023 Royal Rumble Premium Live Event, Wyatt defeated Knight in the Mountain Dew-sponsored match. The bout featured neon weapons and face paint. After the match, Wyatt would continue his attack on Knight, who was also attacked by Uncle Howdy.

Unfortunately, this would be Bray's final wrestling match on WWE TV. A serious illness would see him pulled from TV weeks later and Wyatt would pass away in August at the age of 36. During a recent interview with "In The Kliq" podcast, Knight spoke about the match which he doesn't try to dwell on given what came after.

"I don't really think about it too, too much just because it's a weird thing to consider and celebrate I guess, in a weird way. I wish I wasn't his last match, so I think that's really more the way I think about it."

Despite the dark cloud that now surrounds the match, Knight was grateful that he had the chance to work with the late wrestler.

"That was an experience for me where that was an opportunity, and I don't know that it was looked at as an opportunity in a lot of ways. I think it was just thought of as here's a guy who can handle himself in this situation and help to put the spotlight on Bray and bring him back, as I did.

"But at the same time, man did I shine a light on myself as much as I could. If they gave me 30 seconds, if they gave me two minutes, no matter how much time I had on that TV screen, my God was I gonna make a splash."

Knight and Wyatt would continue their feud off TV. Their final match, which would be Bray's last match ever, took place in a Lights Out Street Fight at an untelevised event in Rockford, Illinois, on February 26, 2023.