AJ Styles took a hiatus from WWE after the Bloodline attacked him. This was done so they could move LA Knight into Styles' spot as John Cena's tag team partner. Then, when Styles finally returned, a lot of things changed for him.

AJ Styles, The Good Brothers and Michin were the OC, but things have been much different since Styles' return to the picture. He has been a bit withdrawn from his faction, and now that separation is complete. Sadly, they didn't get a lot of focus for a disbanding.

Last night's WWE Friday Night SmackDown unveiled a notable development as AJ Styles, the leader of a prominent WWE faction, was formally declared to have severed ties with the group.

During the broadcast, Wade Barrett announced that AJ Styles is no longer associated with The OC, which includes Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and Michin. While hints of this departure had been dropped over the past few weeks since AJ's return to the ring, this marked the first direct confirmation.

The apparent rift between Styles and The OC has been apparent for months, signifying a significant shift in the storyline dynamics. Fans saw this coming, as AJ has exhibited a new demeanor since his return, but to split them without an actual angle is a bit confusing.

Looking forward into the future, The OC appears set to continue operating, but they are down AJ Styles at this point.

Despite their absence from television since August, WWE creative seems to have laid out plans for their future. The trio, comprising Styles, Gallows, and Anderson, last teamed up in December during house shows, where they faced off against opponents such as Pretty Deadly and Grayson Waller, as well as The Street Profits. Now, they are going their separate ways, with AJ doing his own thing, with Karl Anderson, Luke Gallows, and Michin as the new incarnation of The OC stable.