Oleksandr Usyk has seen Tyson Fury's new physique for the first time ahead of their fight on Saturday - and his reaction speaks volumes.

Usyk and Fury will do battle in a heavyweight title unification fight in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

The bout was postponed in February after Fury's forced withdrawal due to a cut in sparring, but no such problems have hit either camp in the build-up to the re-arranged date.

In fact, both fighters entered the grand arrivals stage in Riyadh in great shape, with Fury's father John stating that his son had 'grinded and worked his ass off' in the build-up to the highly-anticipated bout.

After seeing Fury walk out on to the stage, Usyk was prompted for his response on Fury's new physique.

The Ukrainian stated: "He looks a bit skinny..."

His reaction perhaps indicates one of surprise at Fury's weight - with John claiming that his son will weigh in at the lightest he has ever done in his career.

It has certainly been a notable build-up to the fight for the 'Gypsy King', who watched from afar as John was involved in an incident with one of Usyk's team members.

The 59-year-old was recorded headbutting one of the team members - a moment for which he later apologised.

Usyk himself was left furious after seeing the scuffle, and told Sky Sports afterwards: "I said, 'Hey, Team Usyk back. Step back, please'.

"Listen, my team is very good if you want to fight ... but I said, 'Hey, hey guys, please, back. We must do good behaviour'.

"My friend [Stepchuk] is a powerful guy. A street guy. Did you see the video? He was like a pitbull. I said, 'Stop!' Okay, they did.

"Of course, it's discipline. It's bad, it's just bad [the incident]. A stupid situation. I don't want to call John bad because I don't know, because it's not my life."