Cody Rhodes has pledged to buy SGW a wrestling ring with his own money.

The Ugandan wrestling promotion that is known for its rudimentary setup has recently been getting attention from not only fans but many wrestling personalities as well.

Now the current Undisputed WWE Champion has stepped up to help the company upgrade their set up. The official SGW account posted a video of Cody Rhodes in which the WWE star talked about their love for pro wrestling:

"We've all been watching what you guys have been doing lately. I've talked to a few friends about how the experience is down there. It's incredibly impressive and it's wonderful to see your love at SGW for pro wrestling and sports entertainment."

Rhodes then gave a shout-out to some of the top SWG talents such as Bumbash, Jordan, Cool-Man, and more before announcing that he has found someone in Uganda to make a ring for them:

"I love everything that you guys are doing. It's not lost on me that with the world as divided as it may be, social issues, climate issues, political issues, whatever it may be. One thing we can universally bond on is our love for pro wrestling. With that said, you guys need a proper wrestling ring. We have found someone in Uganda who can make it for you. When it gets done, send the bill to me. It is on me, my gift to you."

Cody Rhodes mentioned that the wrestling business has given him everything that he could have asked for. This is his way of giving something back to it.

The American Nightmare is not the only wrestling star that has helped the African promotion. Names such as AEW's Will Ospreay and TNA's Jordynne Grace have previously donated money to help fund their operations.

The company also recently crowned Anoa its first world champion after receiving a title belt from the Royal Belts and Michael L Ledesma.