Cody Rhodes appeared on NXT this week and announced Trick Williams' next challenger for the NXT Title. He also had a gift for Jacy Jayne.

On the June 11 episode of WWE NXT, the Undisputed WWE Champion discussed his upcoming match against AJ Styles at Clash at the Castle, and he shared a moment with NXT Champion Trick Williams. Later on, he met Jacy Jayne backstage as he said that she was the person he came there to see.

Rhodes gave Jayne the facemask he wore during his time as “Dashing” Cody Rhodes in 2011. Jayne had suffered a broken nose during her match against Thea Hail at NXT Spring Breakin’ Week Two and returned on the June 4 episode of WWE NXT wearing a black facemask.

Rhodes knows the pain that Jayne is going through. He also sustained a broken nose during a match against Rey Mysterio, which led to his transformation into “Dashing” Cody Rhodes. This was quite a call-back, and they even made a "Dashing" comment on commentary.

Knowing WWE's love for history, and the fact that they have a warehouse full of practically everything they've ever used on screen, it's easy to imagine that facemask is the genuine article. Jayne was then seen wearing that facemask later in the night, so it will likely be a part of her gimmick going forward.