AEW President Tony Khan is pleased to see the 'spirit of cooperation' thriving in the wrestling world now that WWE has begun working with other companies.

For decades, WWE refused to do business with any other promotion but that stance has softened in recent years. In 2024, alone, WWE has aligned with TNA Wrestling with Jordynne Grace appearing in the Women's Royal Rumble match and more recently in NXT.

WWE's Shayna Baszler and Charlie Dempsey were allowed to work the GCW Bloodsport X event over WrestleMania weekend and there's plenty more crossover to come. IYO SKY will soon appear for Marigold Wrestling, and an announcement concerning WWE and NOAH is expected later this week.

Long before WWE opened the 'prohibited portal,' AEW opened its forbidden door by working with several promotions, including TNA. Speaking with Scott Fishman of TV Insider, Khan was asked about the WWE-TNA collaboration and discussed AEW's efforts.

"Iím always open to working with great wrestling promotions all over the world. It feels like the spirit of cooperation in worldwide pro wrestling is greater than it has ever been, which is a big positive.

"Seeing the top stars of AEW go to Tokyo and compete at Wrestle Kingdom, I think that the fans can always count on AEW and New Japan to put on great collaborations. I think this yearís Forbidden Door will be one of the strongest shows any promotion will put anywhere in the world."

AEW will see plenty of crossover this month with AEWxNJPW: Forbidden Door, which in addition to stars from both companies, is set to involve CMLL and STARDOM talent. As for WWE, time will tell what they and NOAH have in store, but it's clear that the promotion's days of teaming with other companies are just beginning.