AEW International Champion Will Ospreay has grabbed the attention of fans with his recent teaser for Ricochet's arrival in AEW.

The former NXT North American Champion hasn't renewed his contract with WWE and has decided to part ways following his contract expiry. This sparked speculation that he might be jumping ship to AEW. Will Ospreay recently took to his Instagram Stories and posted a video clip that could well be the teaser of Ricochet's move to AEW.

The former WWE United States Champion might have made his final appearance for the company on this week's Raw. He is no longer advertised for future WWE shows and live events.

On the latest edition of Raw, Ricochet attacked Bron Breakker after the latter's victory over Ilja Dragunov. In another backstage segment, Breakker and the former Intercontinental Champion could be seen brawling until Breakker got the upper hand. Breakker then slammed his rival from the stairs of a truck onto a car windshield. The 35-year-old high-flyer had to be rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. CM Punk also reacted to the brutal assault.

Ricochet had recently captured the WWE Speed Champion but Andrade dethroned him in the wake of his departure. 'The One and Only' has reportedly received offers from NJPW and AEW which opens the door for several exciting matches including Will Ospreay.

It's always a treat to watch Will Ospreay and Ricochet inside the squared circle and they have shared the ring on multiple occasions. Their blockbuster match at NJPW Best of the Super Juniors XXIII Day 6 remains one of the best matches they have put on. That night, the young duo were in a high-flying showdown with the Ospreay walking away with the victory.

Last month, 'The Aerial Assassin' said that he was hopeful of having an encounter with Ricochet and the situation indicates that it might be possible once again.